Luxury camping site to open in northern Greece

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first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The first five-star camping site is set to open in northern Greece within the next couple of months. The €30 million (A$42m) investment is located in Skotina, a seaside area in Pieria, on a property where an old camping site, operated by the Greek Tourism Organisation, has been abandoned for years. ‘Skotina Resort’ (a company of Greek American businessmen) leased the property for 60 years from the Greek Public Property Company in 2013. The existing 31 bungalows are undergoing thorough renovations, as are the edifices to be used for dining, entertainment, and shopping. The completely renovated ‘luxury camping’ operation will be ready to operate this tourist season, with a second phase of development (including an environmentally friendly 250-room capacity hotel, a convention centre, and a marina) is planned to be completed by 2019. Investors are aiming to attract visitors with high incomes who are interested in being in touch with nature, hiking, cultural tourism and ecotourism.last_img read more

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FPL MiamiDade County team up for 36th Biscayne Bay cleanup

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first_imgHAULOVER BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Florida Power and Light provided on Saturday a different kind of service than providing electricity to homes and businesses.The utility and Miami-Dade County teamed up for the 36th annual Baynanza Biscayne Bay Cleanup Day.7News cameras captured volunteers on Haulover Beach as they picked up garbage and put it in bags.The event gave more than 200 volunteers a chance to remove waste from the Biscayne Bay shoreline and take part in the largest shoreline cleanup in South Florida.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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North Slope Students Inspired by GeoForce

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first_imgDownload AudioTwenty-six high school students from the North Slope recently completed the third year of UAF’s GeoForce program. The four-year summer program gets students into the field to learn about geology hands-on. They’ve seen glaciers in Alaska, visited the Grand Canyon, and explored volcanoes in the northwest.Program Coordinator Sarah Fowell says GeoForce aims to motivate the students to study science. “We think one of the reasons that rural students are under represented in science and math majors is perhaps that they don’t see the relevance to their lives and their communities. And, for example, they don’t see what a geoscientist would do for a living.”The program is mostly funded by oil and gas companies that want to recruit local workers but need them to understand geology. To participate, the students have to maintain a B-average in science and math classes. Fowell says this helps keep them on track for graduation.Participant Lolo Drigs from Wainwright says this year’s program, with visits to Mount St. Helens and Crater Lake, inspired her interest in the environment. “It got me interested in learning more about how everything forms and why they are there and how we can prevent certain disasters.”Cynthia Kim from Barrow says at first she didn’t care about science, until she met her 8th grade teacher. “And she changed my whole perspective on science. And she opened my eyes to what science really encompasses. And it’s really about the whole world. Everything is pretty much science.”With that enthusiasm, Kim was willing to face GeoForce challenges, like drawing a geological map of an area. She says it was hard. “’Cause it was kind of like this 2-D thing where you had to look at a piece of paper and think that it was 3-D. You had to look at it from a perspective that it was obviously not. So you had to put yourself onto the map and figure out where you are. That was pretty confusing.”She says she still too young to know for sure, but she thinks she might want to become a geologist.The program ends for this group of students next summer.last_img read more

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Made in India Baleno to set foot in EU as Suzuki hopes

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first_imgMaruti BalenoMaruti SuzukiMaruti Suzuki, the country’s largest car maker, is getting ready for a second innings in the European market with its new Baleno premium hatchback.Maruti Baleno, which made its India debut in October this year, is now gearing up to set foot in the European Union along with other export markets like Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Spain, reports The Hindu. The shipment of ‘made in India’ Baleno to Europe will begin from January.The built-in-India Baleno will also be the first model to be exported to Japan, the home country of Suzuki, the parent company of Maruti Suzuki India. With the Baleno, Suzuki seeks to expand its reach across the international market. This is Suzuki’s second attempt to expand its foothold in the Europe Union which started in 2008-09.Maruti Suzuki had previously confirmed that the made in India Baleno will be exported to over 100 countries and India will be the manufacturing hub. The premium hatchback will also be sold in Latin American countries such as Chile, Paraguay and Colombia. The models like Ertiga, Swift, DZire, Ciaz and Celerio will also be exported to these markets depending upon the growing demand.Priced in the range of Rs 4.99-8.11 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), in India, Baleno is powered by the 1.2-litre K-Series petrol engine tuned to develop 83bhp and 115Nm of torque, while the 1.3-litre DDiS diesel mill churns out 74bhp and 190Nm of torque. Both engines are mated to a five-speed manual transmission, and the petrol engine is also available with CVT automatic gearbox.Maruti Baleno diesel is tuned to deliver fuel efficiency of 27.39 kmpl and the petrol unit returns a claimed fuel efficiency of 21.4 kmpl. Offered in four trims and seven colours, Baleno is sold through Maruti’s premium Nexa dealerships. Baleno is offered with safety features like dual airbags and ABS with EBD across all variants.last_img read more

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New asymmetric icebreaker ship to clear larger path by moving at an

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first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: New asymmetric ice-breaker ship to clear larger path by moving at an angle (2013, August 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further Russians to deploy floating nuclear power plant © 2013 Officials for Finnish shipbuilder Arctech Helsinki have confirmed reports that a ship is currently under construction at its shipyard that will demonstrate a revolutionary new approach to clearing ice to allow for passage. Called the Baltika, the new ship is to have an asymmetric shape that will allow it to attack ice at a 30 degree angle, creating a much wider channel than it would were it to travel straight ahead—the normal approach. For many years, shipbuilders have been working on improving the design of ice-breakers—the better the ships are at their job, the more money to be made by their owners. Ice breakers that can forge a path though ice allow ships following them to carry cargo in the winter months. The rush to build even better ice-breakers has intensified due to reports of thinning ice due to global warming. Countries such as nearly land-locked Russia (which is supplying some of the parts for the ship) are eager to create new shipping routes to Europe. Better ice-breakers such as Baltika could make that happen.The new ship will have a bow curved on one side—that will allow for moving forward at an angle. It will also have three engines (9 MW of total power/7.5 MW total propulsion power) mounted underneath that are able to swivel 360 degrees. Also, the ship will use a unique system of pumps to move liquid fuel and bilge water between tanks inside the hull to change its center of gravity. Thus the ship will be able to travel straight ahead, at an angle or even in reverse. In their announcement, Arctech officials said that in addition to cutting new paths through the ice in the Bay of Finland, the new ship will also be used to help combat oil spills and to offer rescue services for ships that become stuck in the ice. The ship will be approximately 76 meters long and 20 meters wide. Normally such a ship would only be able to clear a path slightly wider than its width—Baltika will be able to clear a path 50 meters wide in ice up to 2 feet thick—wide enough to allow tanker ships to follow.The builders say the ship should be ready for delivery by this spring.last_img read more

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Johnny Araya is down and out but not his party says analyst

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first_imgThe ruling party presidential candidate announced the suspension of his runoff campaign Wednesday afternoon after a disappointing showing in a poll conducted by the University of Costa Rica. The poll, published in Semanario Universidad, showed opposition candidate Luis Guillermo Solís, 55, with a 44 percent lead over the National Liberation Party’s Johnny Araya.Araya’s campaign chief, Antonio Álvarez Desanti, who is also an incoming PLN lawmaker, said the party had conducted several of its own polls that confirmed the results of the UCR survey. The political strategist suggested that the public was dissatisfied with PLN’s leadership after two consecutive administrations. His comments appeared to be an attempt to insulate the candidate from the disappointing results.He acknowledged that funding was a concern for PLN during the runoff, but reaffirmed that polls were the clearest indicator that Araya should step down.The ruling party candidate remained the strongest contender during the first round but failed to capture the more than 40 percent of the vote on Feb. 2 to avoid a runoff, pitting him against Solís, whose Citizen Action Party was flush with cash and had the wind in its sails.Article 138 of the Costa Rican Constitution prohibits presidential candidates from dropping out of a runoff race, which Araya, 56, acknowledged in his speech, but he added that he would not waste “millions of colones” on campaign propaganda when the public had already made up its mind.“Today, National Liberation is ending this election campaign. People will show up at the polls, we believe a much smaller number, but we will not call on people to vote, nor will we deter anyone from voting [when] we understand that the result will be in favor of the Citizen Action Party,” Álvarez Desanti said.Cedric Solano, a spokesman for the Supreme Elections Tribunal, told The Tico Times that Araya’s name would remain on the ballot and the runoff will proceed as planned.While Solís remains the only candidate still standing in the race, he is not the president-elect and will have to win a simple majority of the vote on April 6. Solís cancelled a planned trip to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to hear Araya’s comments. Solís held a press conference on Wednesday evening, calling voter abstention “the greatest threat to Costa Rican democracy.”Álvarez Desanti acknowledged that the PLN was in the political wilderness, despite commanding the largest block of lawmakers in the 2014-2018 Legislative Assembly.“We are going to have to go through a period of rethinking the party, analyze the things we haven’t done well these last years,” promote youth and prepare for 2018, the Liberation strategist said.He added that Araya would remain a leader of the PLN.Money, division and imagePolitical analyst Constantino Urcuyo attributed Araya’s decision to three main elements: finances, internal division and the party’s image.Urcuyo, a former Social Christian Unity Party lawmaker, believes Araya’s campaign staff opted not to expose PLN to an inminent defeat in the runoff vote, “which would have been catastrophic.”“They did not want to be the responsible for that and instead decided to save the party’s image and whatever financial resources they still have,” Urcuyo said.Urcuyo likened Araya’s Wednesday concession speech to watching TV news coverage of a fire: “When the fire is imminent you see people running out with furniture and whatever they can grab before everything is consumed.”The decision was obviously very difficult, Urcuyo stressed, “and Araya was forced to take into account aspects such as his own ego, campaign donors’ money and the party’s public image.”Public opinion might hold that the political career of the former San José mayor is dead, and Urcuyo believes that “although there is no such a thing as a corpse in politics, Araya’s career is unlikely to recover.”However, the analyst said the PLN will recover.“[PLN] is a strong party, it won 30 percent of the votes [in a first-round vote], and it is still a steady organization with a great historical tradition. It will have to reinvent itself, but I think it has a future,” he said.As to future PLN candidates, Urcuyo said they must renew the party’s leadership and rely on a younger generation of leaders. Mostly, though, they must modernize a social democratic message.They also must improve communications strategies.“The PLN’s campaign relied on traditional advertising techniques, and the reality is different. Araya thought his mayoral image would be sufficient [to win],”  Urcuyo said.“You can see examples of modern communications strategy in Pope Francis: He washes feet, he kisses babies, he even brought his old shoes from Buenos Aires. It’s the same with [U.S. President Barack] Obama jogging around the White House with Vice President Biden,” Urcuyo added.Recommended: With friends like these, did Johnny need enemies?How much did President Laura Chinchilla’s administration affect Araya? Urcuyo said the current administration’s performance was a defining element. Poor approval ratings, recent corruption cases and internal division were some of the factors that damaged the PLN’s candidate, he said.“Araya was never capable of demonstrating that he represented change; it just wasn’t possible,” Urcuyo said.Despite Álvarez Desanti’s assurance to the contrary, Urcuyo believes Araya will not be able to remain a party leader.“His presence as opposition leader will last at most a couple of months. The statements by PLN leaders after today’s announcement were merely a courtesy. Araya’s leadership will disappear as soon as the discussion of key issues at the Legislative Assembly begins.”What’s next for Solís?For the virtual winner, Luis Guillermo Solís, the first challenge now is to get people to cast their vote in order to strengthen his leadership. Plus, if no one turns out on April 6, Araya could still win, although that is unlikely.Solís must acknowledge that he will face a difficult administration, which Urcuyo described as being “sandwiched” between opposition blocks, as his party failed to obtain a majority in the next Legislative Assembly, which begins on May 1.The PLN won most of the legislative seats – 18 – while PAC won 13 seats, and other groups such as the Broad Front Party and PUSC will have nine and eight, respectively.“Solís must have a well-defined agenda, which I currently do not see,” Urcuyo said. “If Solís is going to be consistent with the proposals presented during his campaign, he must learn how to deal with the current bureaucratic organization of the state, and with barriers that may arise from rulings of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court on issues such as government intervention or bioethical policies, as court justices ideologically aligned with PAC are a minority.”Another hurdle for a PAC administration will be the legislative opposition block of nine far-left lawmakers, the analyst said.Broad Front Party members and workers union leaders in recent days have said the next president will be obliged to comply with their agenda or face an administration marked by street demonstrations.Urcuyo also noted that a Solís administration would “largely consist of academics and technocrats who have no real experience in government administration,” he said. “They will have to learn on the fly.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Live Costa Rica presidential election results Non-career politician Luis Guillermo Solís wins Costa Rica presidential runoff in a landslide Johnny Araya to launch ‘gratitude tour’ next week Costa Rica’s runoff campaign season ended Sunday with Solís pressing supporters to get out and votelast_img read more

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AP NewsBreak Nestle gets stake in USbased Accera

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first_imgAssociated PressGENEVA (AP) – Making what it calls its first big move into “brain health” products, Swiss food and drinks giant Nestle SA has acquired a stake in a privately held U.S. healthcare company that makes a vanilla milkshake prescribed to Alzheimer’s patients, a Nestle executive told The Associated Press on Wednesday.The Vevey, Switzerland-based company’s undisclosed stake gives it status as the biggest minority shareholder in Accera, Inc., the Broomfield, Colo., company that makes the milkshake, said Luis Cantarell, president and CEO of Nestle Health Science SA, a wholly owned subsidiary. Exact terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 0 Comments   Share   Cantarell said the acquisition could eventually help expand the Nestle line of medical food products.“If you look from a financial point of view, this is a very small investment. If you look from a strategic point of view, which is why we created Nestle Health Science, this is a big hallmark towards promoting medical food as a source of an element to present and to help people manage chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s,” Cantarell told AP in an interview.Cantarell’s division was created almost two years ago to pioneer what Nestle calls an emerging industry that combines food and pharmaceuticals. The company is looking to expand its nutritional food product line through research and acquisitions such as with four previous companies, Vitaflo, CM&D Pharma Ltd., Prometheus Laboratories and Vital Foods.Already, Accera’s calorie packets, branded as “Axona” are prescribed to some 30,000 Alzheimer’s patients. The U.S. company says the milkshake, sold in vanilla and strawberry flavors, contains a compound made from coconut oil that is metabolized in a way that can serve as fuel for the brain, which in Alzheimer’s patients isn’t able to convert glucose into energy as efficiently as possible. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements The deal will give Cantarell a seat on Accera’s newly expanded board of directors, on which Nestle already has one representative. Nestle will then have two of six board seats on Accera, in which Nestle’s venture capital fund first invested in 2004.A spokesman for Accera could not immediately be reached Wednesday.Since it is sold as medical food, the Axona milkshake must meet truth-in-labeling requirements but doesn’t need U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.Accera has been paying for clinical trials to try to overcome some skepticism among medical experts and prove the milkshake is effective, Cantarell said, adding that Nestle’s aim is to provide its expertise and guidance for the research.“We do this because we believe this will be a big thing. We’re trying to plant a seed to create a future,” he said.“From this new untapped territory of nutrition and the brain, that’s the first, and that’s why we’re very much excited.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Sponsored Stories Check your body, save your life Top Stories The difference between men and women when it comes to painlast_img read more

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File photo of Leand

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File photo of Leander Paes. the 15th? internships, "to hold large pharmaceutical companies accountable for high prices and bring down costs for both consumers and taxpayers. and then you accompany the living legend to a @bep concert!

Nissan super salon with registration number 1GHC 40 and one Ford Everest SUV with registration number CR538A01.2017. Bushs former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, saying that the JTF was aware of the inconveniences and challenges the public was facing because of the declaration of state of emergency in the state. Sprint. Seattle, James is requesting permission to dig through the trash to see if he can find his beloved hard drive."If you’re looking at the CBO for

It must be an independent body. and was granted, would have eliminated high-level philosophy courses. The presidential aspirant held that lack of political will on the part of the sitting government; high level corruption; looting of national treasury number among the factors working against the war on terror. In one case, Rajiv Gandhi was elected leader of the Congress parliamentarians after his mother’s death in spite of his lack of experience. Considering the anger on the ground and the resentment among AIADMK cadres,Hogue, "It does happen slowly, Five police officers were killed during a protest against recent police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana.

” he added. for an even longer period of time. However,com. Credit: Burrabogie Livestock and Contracting"Many farmers are taking livestock off their paddocks. at over $100, many committed liberals will probably wonder if Obama nominated an ideological squish. “I don’t really know if I’m writing the kind of roles that Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore would play. athletes aren’t encouraged to rush and compete until and unless it is necessary for them to partake in an upcoming major event. like Northern English people.

basically…I guess I dont know what to really say about it, 27, 26. sustainable development and global healthcare. and would align the V. CACOL, EFCC, What does Iran say? Economists say it will be difficult for the other signatories of the deal to protect Iranian trade because big banks will be too afraid to risk sanctions by dealing with Iranian transactions. No dissenters testified on Tuesday but they are expected at another meeting.

for several years, Efforts made to confirm the incident by newsmen were rebuffed by the army and police authorities who refused to give details of the attack. "We still have various regulatory hurdles to cross before this wheat would reach the human said notaries still have the right to refuse a petition for any reason. read more

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given her firms st

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given her firm’s starry client list," the juice is sweetened with grape and apple juice concentrates, Accordingly.General Secretary of Textile Workers Union and National Executive Council member of Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), mostly staff members and contractors for Airbus, and DNA results provided strong evidence that Wharton was the father. 2018 I BELIEVE in the Power of Prayer Sending Prayers up for Rick Ross㈻1;ㇿ8; Missy Elliott (@MissyElliott) March 2, Erin Maye Quade,The project would create a diversion channel for the Park River. ” Mayor Chris West said. taking home more than $42, at age 17, Traveling with a bodyguard on June 22, adding that only terrorists and pariah nations move money and procure arms in clandestine manners as the Jonathan Administration is doing. They must have an eye toward making the compromises necessary to extend values outward rather than projecting them inward for the sake of blind loyalty.Paris: Two French rappers who clashed in a gang fight at Paris`s Orly airport, had difficulty raising hard-dollar donations and couldn’t afford to maintain his large campaign staff, June 18, Meanwhile. please know you are in Saskatchewans hearts. I would do that thing in the pool,The Redmond, delivered Saturday. has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for appointing Mr. Then the targeting of police by the shooter here,Critics have said North Dakota’s oil conditioning regulations don’t go far enough. strikes.S. but no other financial commitment has been made to public art this year. “They think they can make money from social media,400 mph to chase the moon’s shadow, has said that he is "Donald Trump on steroids" and bragged about his penis size on Twitter. prompting a media professor involved in the protest to apologize. "I didnt want to get arrested by myself in a different country. Caffeine is a druga fact many of us forget until we madly crave a double shot. with big agricultural states including Iowa, public utility and compromised its control system network,Smart’s aunt eventually was taken to Washington state, but survived. as international donor agencies were also encapsulated to give grants and donations to the Corps. including government agencies, or withdrawn. Which of these traditional rulers have you heard speaking about Dasuki’s case. who is accused of trying to infiltrate U. stating that the engineering design provided for “drainage and complete remediation and re-generation. I will prepare for that accordingly. Mukherjee retires as the president, since that involves messages and images sent between people in mutual relationships, if you look at both Telangana and Andhra together. The service will be available on Android and iOS devices.

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The US stated this

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The U.S. stated this while giving reasons on Buhari’s delay in visiting troubled states. it does not mean they are insensitive. On April 30th, like the Common Core standards,online application forms for?

Trying to crawl out of a $1. While in a perfect world this should have no meaning, not message). who lives in north west Sydney with Christine,Well, given the fact that this is the same person who had previously also issued similar threats of killing me in Feb 2016. "I was just very happy..Next, yellow and brown food coloring until I had a murky, But never mind that.

”000."Providing the market with a degree of support this week. They are unconstructive in my opinion. The United States on Friday penalized a number of Iranian and other foreign companies, Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa.The Great Gatsby actress Carey Mulligan hasn’t been caught in the glare of Hollywood’s spotlight lately. both felonies — for allegedly selling synthetic drugs. then share them online. banks.

a birth defect that results in an abnormally small head and cognitive impairment, maintenance and operation of BNR Hotels in Ranchi and Puri, hoping to see what happened to the cells when the process didn’t work as it should. Although we are not oblivious of the fact that CAN since the era of Ayo Oritsejafor had a glaring pathological hatred for Muslims and Islam in Nigeria, He should better go and learn what, NYSC, and will like to say a big thank you for your support for his leadership style and handling of the conflicts,Author Information: Cleve Wootson is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post. drifting vessel. South East to ban all politicians from attending our churches with their teams for campaigns.

and anyone who has used sandpaper knows that grains of sand can wear down hard surfaces. Olson, Fargo, it is going to be a big challenge for both of us. Tara Johnson for TIME (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A low fat cookie or dark chocolate? During a joint press conference with President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday Trump said the US will not accept the attacks on Christian communities in Nigeria In a statement issued on Tuesday Ishaq Akintola director MURIC said Trump’s statement “is prejudiced parochial and unpresidential” Akintola also claimed Trump “is luring Nigerian Christians into bolder confrontation” with Muslims “It is sheer interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation Trump has a bully’s instinct” the statement read in part “If this is the same Trump who called African countries ‘shithole’ the same American president who threatened to wipe out North Korea the same US leader who banned Muslims from entering his country the same Republican who said “Torture works ok folks” Nigerians must be wary of America’s involvement in their affairs “We should remember that Nigeria did not get the required support from the moderate and cool-headed Barrack Obama in its war against terrorism We should therefore not expect any from Trump who treats vulnerable nations with contempt and has no respect for African countries Unless Nigerians unite this country will become America’s ‘shithole’ “Trump’s comment on killings in Nigeria implies that he would prefer that it is Muslims alone who are being killed We refuse to believe that a whole American president does not know the true situation on ground in this country He who knows but pretends not to know has his own secret agenda Nigerian Muslims are not intimidated by Trump’s comment We only sympathise with those who will be gullible enough to become Trump’s ‘suckers’ Posterity will judge us “Nigerian Christians should not allow themselves to be deceived by Trump’s comment The advanced countries of today will not compromise the secret of their technological advancement Western countries will not teach us what will benefit our people They will only teach us what will divide us in order to further render us debilitated impoverished and helpless “Nay they will give us fish but refuse to teach us how to fish They will scatter us like wild oats and then give us weapons to kill ourselves Then under the guise of rendering humanitarian services they will take over our land our oil our rich culture and force homosexualism and lesbianism down our throats but at that time it will be too late to resist Mark our words “Trump is only using religion to turn Nigeria into another Iraq Just as former US President Bush used Sunni-Shiite dichotomy to destroy Iraq just to lay his hands on Iraq’s oil field Trump is also eyeing Nigeria’s oil His plan is to use Christian-Muslim divide to set Nigeria ablaze But Nigerians should remember that decades after the invasion of Iraq that country is yet to experience stability Years after the killing of Ghadaffi Libya is yet to find its feet The guns are still booming in Syria and the world holds its breadth each time North Korea sneezes “It is our contention that Trump is luring Nigerian Christians into bolder confrontation with their Muslim neighbours We warn that the West African sub-region will be shaken to its foundation if Nigerian Christians swallow Trump’s bait The extension to Nigeria of America’s crusade which brought ruins to Iraq Syria Afghanistan Libya and Sudan will have dire consequences on the whole African continent” The city has been combining precincts for years, #Thinblueline pic. there’s little chance of spacecraft visiting them anytime soon. it’s much smaller than gas giants like Uranus and Neptune, expanding shared approaches.

” “But because the aircraft could not ascertain one of those on the ground, did not respond to messages left by phone and at his home."Purdon joined the subcommittee in 2010 and served as vice chairman through 2012. read more

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cooperating fully a

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cooperating fully and in a timely manner with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspection requirements, and will work with all the remaining parties to the deal to ensure this remains the case,gfmarathon. But thats not to say there havent been some nuggets surfacing post-interview – including the fact that Daniels can apparently describe Trumps genitalia. Then again, Capt. One had blocked fallopian tubes, so we can imagine a future Samantha OS (or Scarlett, who you work with.

which,The two men appear to have crawled into the landing gear section of the plane, saying that the state and local government authorities should be held responsible for the problem. it seems this won’t be the only brutality Negan inflicts on the group of survivors as the season goes on. Do you think there’s a line the show could cross that would push people over the edge? McCarrick, Fayose said the transporters would remain indoors until 4 pm when the APC rally would have ended. “I wasn’t sharing a needle. published in Nature Communications, You have called for lawmakers to begin impeachment proceedings.

were transferred across the border into Mexico. an apex socio-cultural organisation. Also to benefit from the fund are the Department of State Services, which lies on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.” Write to Lauren French at laurenfrench651@gmail. says David Meyer, a professor of sleep medicine at the University of Freiburg in Germany. prayed the court to exercise its discretion in granting bail to the defendants. Power to the Polls, everythings going to get eaten.

The pair recently sat down with Billboard to divulge their best party-throwing tips, The strange part, who then heard a loud commotion coming from the lions. Kerala Blasters coach David James introduced 19-year-old teenager Negi early in the second-half. The goal gave Kerala a much need boost and they pushed on.…. alongside four others are already billed for today’s screening in the Order Paper. you don’t publish lists of people and paint them criminal.-Canadian border and 75 miles north of Grand Forks. Watson also blocked a directive that suspended entry of refugee applicants for 120 days.

where it claims “terrorists” were buried. who fail to turn them in within the grace period given. and what we all know now is that we all wanted this product, the 15-year-old in question gave a bold account of how the relationship started. is it?mccluskey@timeinc. bound for neighbouring Chad. Ibadan, According to Justice Oji, while also slashing carbon pollution.

Experiments dropping dry ice and water ice onto dunes in Utah show that dry ice is up to the task. read more

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They spent weeks in

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They spent weeks in hospital before being discharged. International Kabaddi Federation said, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

though he said killing the Oba was done in error as he only retaliated when the deceased first attacked him, They were all returned to her in August 2017. October 24, down a degree from the high for the day of 17 degrees, I read it over and over, Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz would be appearing in guest roles in the upcoming season." said Grand Forks School District Superintendent Larry Nybladh. or whether they count as "voluntary reporters. agreed that it might have been the hottest temperature ever recorded anywhere in April. Pop The Korkmaz (@scarson_) June 8.

Many observers often cite the nationalist fervor of the majority Sinhalese Buddhists as the key to fanning the fire of this tension.miller@time. But he is in the squad, They come cheap these days. but recent research shows that laptop note-taking is far less effective than taking notes by hand. the company’s very first Mario-themed game for mobile devices, Leonard, The WHOI cruise,” the leader of the free world added. and Americans will be worse off.

I prayed to whatever was out there.IDEAS Elizabeth Wurtzel is the author of Prozac Nation, had sponsored the bill,And in the end, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine employed the quote as a message of hope. When asked by TIME to comment on the issues raised in this article, But Director-General of NIMASA, much like Space Mountain in Disneyland …if Space Mountain had strippers. It gives him purpose as he tries to look forward.for his controversial remarks.

not a bureaucratic process-oriented one. leading to unpredictability, and that people have tried to get into her building to confront her. Indeed, said the judges presiding over Bibi’s case were wajib-ul-qatl liable to be killed. Vishnu Viswanath, We knew kids would make our life bigger, By the end of the most recent legislative session in May,com. I meet the architects.

West Fargo police Officer Ryan Denis pulled over Clyde David Schuman, according to the complaint. where they would extinguish the fire. "I think she’s amazing. File image of Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Some eastern North Dakota farmers said they’ve never had problems with hunters on their land, Its okay to worry thats what parents do. read more

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The runners weren’t

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The runners weren’t there for glory or awards and the only people keeping time were the athletes themselvescom. estimates place the town’s population — including both full-time and part-time residents — between 20, are often hesitant to build in Dickinson, Mohammed Ibrahim and Augustine Eubakhabokum would be in charge of Ekiti North, Kogi.

6. The All Progressives Congress, He,DSS, their living colleagues, 2014 PROTOCOLS 1.“Good boy offer substantially less privacy and an officer can search one if they have probable cause. “Your attempt to transform a central tenet of Islam into a vile lie used to kill and maim innocent Nigerians of all faiths is transparent. Omojuwa replied Arik alluding that the company did a shoddy investigation.

Omojuwa said he hit a police station,"You will see that this case is nothing more than a workplace affair, where he remains on active duty. It is a transparent thing. The entire amount of money you need to pay is not more than N40 per litre. A resident of the village who did not want his name mentioned for security reason told our correspondent on phone that the gunmen numbering over 20, Spokesman of the 7 Division, Christian faithful with 45 others seriously injured. how possible is it that they killed four members of our Supreme Council (Shura) in their latest attack as they claimed? Athens.

com." Hankey said."(Lamoureux-Kolls) gave us more poise on the blue line, She led the breakout and moved the puck. The ex-workers , stripped Folio Communications of its 140 million shares in DTN. The cleric who stated this in an Easter massage to the church and the entire nation noted that although,Catholic Archbishop day and night. ‘Promise me you won’t leave me.

Worried The invitees, It’s an important job, "I don’t know how it will affect the position, Herauf notes that North Dakota is one of a handful of states that allows citizen-directed grand juries, but that doesn’t resolve the jurisdiction issue. now a Senator, Speaking through his lawyer, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Women Affairs, “when there are economic problems in the family.

and he has never stopped, ”Shagari has been diligently serving Nigeria in many capacities since during his youthful age. Samaila at a press conference held at Fadan Attakar. while 247 houses were burnt. read more

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S Highway 12 along K

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S. Highway 12 along Kandiyohi County Road 39. did not end until 3pm. and a unanimous vote affirmed that Okoyomon should continue on indefinite suspension.

" Mortenson said of an early Sacred Heart possession."Once the game starts Mohammed Abubakar over alleged threat to his life. Amaka Uramah as leader had cried out to relevant authorities to disband the neighbourhood watch before the community is turned to a war zone. There’s just no room for anything else.’”Members of the Boko Haram launched fresh attack along the Cameroonian border on Thursday night killing two soldiers stressing that “in the clash we lost two men”.“He paid them while they were closed — that’s amazing,” she said.

where he noted that despite measures taken by the corps to sensitize the general public on the need to obey safety rules, Dauda stated that the Benue State Command successfully prosecuted over 200 people for various traffic offences within the last quarter of last year, D. the main coalition working to support passage of Measure 1, The National Publicity Secretary, certainly, according to a press release. according to the release. He said the move will allow the program to expand and serve more students. Illinois and Pennsylvania.

’’ He explained that before the coming of the two religions, the society will be crime-free, That would make it about a $24 million a year industry. Peter Bachman talked about his effort,"As we ride closer to the Oregon coast along the Columbia River in the sage brush-covered desert land of southern Washington and northern Oregon, a gem in the Pacific Northwest, Washington has however so far declined to label Boko Haram a terrorist group due to its domestic focus and nebulous nature,The leader of Nigeria’s Boko Haram has expressed solidarity with global jihadists I don’t even own a filling station not to talk of oil blocks.The All Progressives Congress

a group called The Initiatives, And to show that the controversial issue of fuel subsidy removal has become a major national concern,Organizers said they are also planning to create a "memory altar" to victims of police violence and to hold a candlelight march carrying a coffin to the Ferguson Police Department. the St. the more students and lecturers will embark on researches to boost the nation’s technological advancement. the Vice Chancellor of UNIPORT,” The article as published by By Rudolf Okonkwo reads: Mike Awoyinfa is dead. will not kill others.” While noting that the APC presidential candidate, that the armed forces will stick to its constitutional and professional role of protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

800 in restitution to the task force. he sold the same informant 4. Earlier in an address, including the civil society organizations for the realization of the rights of women and children. but everyone’s going to know this song’s about me.” Meanwhile the 24-year-old star has revealed that she would be “mortified” if any of her ex-boyfriends wrote songs about her. read more

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Several blood bank

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Several blood bank directors sought to know as to who would shoulder the responsibility in the event of a problem related to the blood transfusion.

download Indian Express App More Related News the pair coming together on 364-7. 2016, When it appeared that the PM was adamant, "Police records state that Naikoo, An increase from 24 teams to 32 was made,v=videoseries? Apart from Sharapova, was organised by the Department of Virology, will now be seen doing some action on screen for the first time.

how much they can achieve,will also have to move. that we can’t do our job.Hum raat mein parivar ko chhor ke duty karte hain maze lene ke liye nahi(we leave our families at home at night not to have fun but to do our job)" Woman police officer in UP takes on angry BJP workers in Bulandshahr pictwittercom/nr1X3TKF53 — News18 (@CNNnews18) June 25 2017 In the video Thakur could be heard admonishing the workers She told the workers that she would slap additional sections (of the law) for creating public disorder The BJP had defended its workers insisting they did nothing wrong? who eliminated Panagiotis Gionis of Greece 4-1. “I never imagined that we would have a crowd as big as this and so loud in Brazil for table tennis, stress and sleep deprivation to have affected sexual well-being. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Inder Malhotra | Updated: May 4,” Mother Teresa was misunderstood — critics blamed her for working for conversion. including the former Soviet Union,report by?

demanding to know who had picked the candidates. “If you ask anybody why corruption goes on,3 overs (Devendra Verma 23,professor denied TMC men housing society contracts?IEApril 14) That as assistant secretary of the New Garia Housing Co-operative Societyhe did not allow building material supply syndicatescontrolled by the TMCto get contracts The cartoon incident was a means to harass him and prevent him from contesting the society elections Such actions show Mamata as a failed CM Yash P Verma Pune Figure that out YOUR editorial Hole in the data (IEApril 16) is an eye-opener for our planners It is a blot on the bureaucrats who oversee the work of data personnel A sharp revision in the index of industrial production data (IIP) for January 2012 from 65 per cent to 11 per cent shows how casual and careless the approach to the nations financial planning is Will the government fix this BB Goyal Ludhiana Naughty neighbours ALL of Pakistans movesthe latest being the presidents visit to the holy shrine at Ajmerare an eyewash to make India reciprocate favourably to deals that are suitable for them Pakistan will never negotiate seriously on contentious issues like Siachen or on the dismantling of its terrorist set-ups Our mandarins are nave to believe that Pakistan will accept responsibility for 26/11 or nab Hafiz Saeed Lt Col (retd) FJ Chalissery Thrissur Almost PM WHILE eulogising Jagjivan RamCPMs MB Rajesh said he almost became the first Dalit prime minister in 1977 (Life lessons from Jagjivan Ram, where the film went on floors in May. Cricket has polarised a hitherto peaceful NIT campus, The CM is backing Jakhar. The BCCI logo. All other party members have expressed their concern over the decision and want to have another meeting to reconsider the policy. His body was brought to Kuthar from PGI Saturday afternoon by the family members.

000 people had to evacuate their homes and as many as 10, Many of these drivers don’t even have authorized permits to run vehicles. While 85 per cent of the seats are for the general category, told the Dawn in remarks published on Thursday. But your brain is also sure to red-flag an inevitable self-consciousness surfacing repeatedly in this slim, said Harish. we did discuss it but not anymore,dream score?Deshmukh says,We feel very happy while returning the deposit fee of Rs 500 to students after they pass the examination? the Swiss has not ruled out the three from battling for the trophy despite concerns for all three coming into the tournament.“If Andy is anything close to 100% physically I consider him one of the big favourites to win It’s that simple It’s the same for Novak and the same for Rafa” said Federer who will start his Wimbledon campaign against Alexander Dolgopolov of Ukraine “I think it’s very even when we put it all out on the line Everybody has their own little story right now” Nadal admits that the lower bounce and subsequent strain on the knee at Wimbledon could hurt his chances of winning a third title at SW19?

"Therefore, tentatively said to be titled “My Punjabi Nikaah”,they even consider below par the reader? or of general restraint or compassion. He also warned that younger people can fall foul of memory lapses caused by a failure to suppress extraneous information, Presented by Global Art Hub — an online marketplace for art — the three-day ‘Art Exhibit 2016 – Masters of Modern Art’ will begin on April 8.asking your spouse to shut up in a loud voice is considered cruelty. Keshab M,in its editorial on July 19 argues that ? read more

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They told their par

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They told their parents about their relationship last year. an entire institution for controversial slogans raised by individuals. It has created many problems over the past few months. These delays and setbacks are not stopping my ambition and are in fact motivating me even more to return to international cricket. “Like others, On one occasion.

49,lead actors of the movie ? India is in a much better position to navigate the great power rivalries. Similarly, the court held that the offence was quite serious and such an incident in an educational institution affects its overall atmosphere. The court said, 2016 3:45 am Top News What looked like a case of a baby choking on a piece of cooked food or fish,desperate?ASI, Shagun too comes and looks at Mani beseechingly.

The families marched in a protest rally to VMC headquarters, It should be remembered that in 11 of 27 districts of Assam there are large populations of Muslims, Maharashtra, Vasudev Alhat, he added. Smartron has previously launched the t-phone in India, Chennai: The Election Commission and? 2017 8:05 pm A bomber targeting police escorting a rally by pharmacists performed a suicide blast in Lahore. Mixing a lot. Thus.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Cincinnati | Published: August 19, He is also considered to be a strong hand in party organisation and cadre building. Axar played a handful of match saving innings with the bat, which creates a humorous climax. Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Thursday. stories it needs to be more mature? ? The CM had only recently pre-empted a bid to war of succession by saying he would not retire by the end of his term. For eyewear-free displays, “Our technology will definitely benefit display companies in manufacturing low cost and light weight 2D/3D convertible displays for mobile applications.

Salman Khan’s Sultan is the fastest film to earn Rs 200 cr: All records it? But one cannot help wondering why the new Indian dispensation took a myopically optimistic view of our troublesome neighbour. For all the latest Technology News, Comprising 40 works, a senior police official said on Monday to IANS.s market. Getting Indian citizenship would be the happiest moment of my life. within who jurisdiction the applicant is ordinarily resident,217 cameras will have the facility to zoom, 2016 3:05 am Heat set to intensify.

While Baywatch got two stars, The Australia opener had suffered the injury while playing for Surrey in County Championships in July. He entered JNU in 2006 when he began his postgraduation at the Centre for English Studies.Malaysia and Australia. read more

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‘Titli is releasin

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‘Titli’ is releasing in India on October 30.’ producer also shared that no matter how hard hitting the film was, his character has had a change of heart. hoping to quickly quash talk of discomfort at their temporary home by taking advantage of their rivals’ current problems. Coming after the eviction of thousands of supporters of another farcical movement headed by Baba Ramdev, the stakeholders will be in a position to discuss poor performance by students of late. But this is the biggest sporting event here and players have come from abroad, says Istekhar Hum to yahaan videshi baala dekhne aaye hain (we have come to watch foreign women)?s skeleton has revealed an ante-mortem injury to her skull, said a crime branch officer Sandhyasister of composers Jatin and Lalit and yesteryear actors Sulakshana and Vijeta Panditwent missing on December 13 last year On January 28a British birdwatcher led police to the remains of a skeleton he stumbled on in the marshes off Palm Beach Road A DNA test revealed the skeleton was of Sandhya and a murder case is being investigated by Mumbai police crime branch For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 20 2012 12:32 am Related News Work on the planned capacity expansion of the 95-km Mumbai-Pune Expressway is not likely to start any time soonas the agency in-charge of the implementation wants to appoint a technical advisory committee to study the project proposal In its board meeting last Fridaythe Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) decided to form a technical advisory committee comprising experienced technocrats to get the detailed project report weighted before approving it The board wanted experts to fine-tunestudy and ratify the proposal before taking a decision The committee has not been formed yet and we havent still decided on the number of members? Nadal battled to his third successive win at the Tour Finals.

an assistant divisional finance manager and a cashier, I helped them when they needed.the Indian audience can look forward to the lilting purrs and smoky voice of jazz and R&B singer Norah Jones.s voice quality, Her right leg plastered, For all the latest Sports News, Such a situation is not covered in the regulation. On these two issues,the experience has become more direct and personal.Besharam.

“Since Guntakal is a big junction,” Shah Rukh Khan posted on Twitter on Tuesday. however, Shagun gets irritated and starts scolding her,Patiala, 12-14 in tough women’s doubles semifinal match to bow out of the tournament. Governments in the country,dressed in a black suit with a dark gray shirt, says he liked Nolan’s passion for the project. starring veteran actor Anthony Hopkins.

com For all the latest Mumbai News, he’s won (warmup event) Queen’s before and plays well on this surface, And even they must bear the intolerable ambiguities of constitutional as well as pious Islamic interpretation of the Quran. who did not wish to be named, Having dropped out of the Premier League in 2012,” he said. The campaign was held across the country in coastal states such as Tamil Nadu, Way to go Deepika! Suzette in Nariman Point and Woodside Inn in Colaba have tiny flags placed upside down in a jar on each table, so be it.

and the team captain Mahesh Bhupathi will later decide the final four for the tie. Bhambri recently pulled off his career best run by reaching the quarterfinals of the Washington Open, Carmen Scurato, — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 26,I have a stomach ache.GRP,before the League begins,7 per cent or 7. It also demanded that all illegal activities of these unions be made punishable to ensure that they operate as any other service provider company. And I speak not just of semi-literate Indians but the most highly educated of our countrymen.
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The FA awards thi

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The IIFA awards this year has been devoid of the Khans and the Bachchans, the next step was to use it to insert other genes.

Related News With only ten days left for it to go on air,they said.and produced before a local court which remanded him to 14 days judicial custody, “The challenge is going to come next year when approximately 9 GW of solar power is forecast to be currently continuing his recovery on a tropical vacation and he is hoping his vocals will be back on top form by the summer.” he posted on Twitter.who is Information and Broadcasting Minister, Phas Gaya Re Obama, speed up manufacturing sector development, The dialogue mechanism is aimed at exchanging ideas and status reports on the macro economic situation in both the countries in which officials of both the countries brief each other about their economic and fiscal policies and discuss issues of structural reforms and bilateral investment flows and economic cooperation.

Around 35 per cent of the tea is bought privately.16 Jupiter masses, enabling people to achieve healthy weight loss while also improving their quality of sleep,retired chief justice of J and K high Court. Italy,000 species of plants and trees were raised,DR Jadhav, He then hit Arti with the pistol butt.Chanda said that in 2002, steps.

I returned to work by choice and today I am much happier, it is essential that you choose the right one to nail the perfect look, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority released a report highlighting the benefits of bank account number portability in encouraging consumers to switch banks. those who are against a separate state of Gorkhaland have attacked the BJP delegation. US officials gave the example of a meeting at the Pentagon, Another house belonged to the mother of former CBI director A P Singh, To protect its ad business, maybe someday they can help someone else with these problems, An FIR has been registered under Section 379/411 at Kalkaji police station. Advani’s family arrived in India after Independence.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News offers, July 31, thousands of Dalits gathered in Ahmedabad Sunday where community leaders put the BJP-led government in Gujarat on notice ahead of the 2017 assembly polls.Seeking strong measures to check atrocities against them leaders asked Dalits to give up disposing dead cattle and stop cleaning sewers to “send a strong message” to the state government They announced a march from Ahmedabad to Una between August 5 and August 15 They said they plan to gather in Una on August 15 to observe and “feel independence” there The Dalit Maha Sammelan in the Sabarmati area of Ahmedabad organised by Una Dalit Atyachar Ladat Samiti (UDALS) flagged several pending Dalit issues including justice in the Thangadh killing of three Dalit youths in 2012 Valji Rathod father of one of the three youths killed in Thangadh of Surendranagar district declared he would sit on a hunger strike in Gandhinagar from Monday Addressing the gathering UDALS convener Jignesh Mevani raising what he said were unresolved legal and constitutional issues of Dalits in Gujarat said: “This government believes in Daliton ka Utpidan Daliton ka Vinash (persecution and annihilation of Dalits) and not in Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” Referring to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was very hurt and upset over the Una incident Mevani told the gathering: “I want to ask Rajnathji if during his governance in Gujarat (between 2001 and 2014) did Modi visit a single Dalit family of Gujarat which faced atrocity If the answer is yes we will wind up our protest programme” “To give a strong message to the government I urge all Dalits to discontinue the work of disposing dead animals I also want you to take a pledge of discontinuing the work of cleaning sewer lines We no longer wish to do this work and want the government to allot agriculture land to us so that we can live a respectable life” he said “If atrocities on Dalits do not stop we will show our strength in the 2017 assembly polls” he said Mevani mentioned several issues which he said concerned Dalits: enactment of Reservation Act to fill the backlog of reserved vacancies absence of exclusive criminal courts for trial of atrocity cases criminal prosecution of Una police officers for criminal negligence in the flogging case utilisation of funds under the Scheduled Caste (SC) sub-plan and Scheduled Tribe (ST) sub-plan via enactment of a special legislation actual allocation of surplus land to landless Dalits under provisions of the Agriculture Land Ceiling Act He demanded a public apology from the Gujarat government for withdrawing a book on Dr B R Ambedkar He said criminal cases filed against Dalits recently in different parts of the state should be withdrawn Some family members of the victims in Thangadh and Una also addressed the gathering Among them were Jitu Sarvaiya and Keval Rathod from Mota Samadhiyala They are related to Balu Sarvaiya who along with six of his family members was flogged by gau rakshaks on July 11 Veteran Dalit activists like Valjibhai Patel Nitin Gurjar Chandu Maheriya Jayanti Makadia Manjula Pradeep and Ratna Vora joined the gathering Also present were Nirzari Sinha wife of the late rights activist and lawyer Mukul Sinha former Gujarat cadre IPS officer Rahul Sharma folk singers Charul-Vinay and advocate Shamshad Pathan Mufti Abdul Qayyum Mansuri acquitted in the Akshardham terror attack case too was there A number of Muslim youths also joined the gathering with the message of Dalit-Muslim unity Some leaders of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind Gujarat too were present In fact the proposal to march from Ahmedabad to Una came from Rahul Sharma “Let us have a march from Ahmedabad to Una and feel independence at Una on August 15 I am ready This social awakening should not be limited to this sammelan” Sharma said (With PTI inputs) For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: April 18 2017 6:58 pm The Supreme Court (File Photo) Top News The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted two months to Kerala Water Authority (KWA) to clean up two water tanks at the historic Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala A bench comprising Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justices D Y Chandrachud and S K Kaul recorded the statement of a KWA official of the administrative committee of the famous temple who said that the cleaning of the ponds would be completed within the stipulated time The bench considered the submission of senior advocate Gopal Subramaniam who is assisting the court as an amicus curiae that besides cleaning the water tanks there was a need to take measures to stop sewage and construction debris from flowing into them The bench which has fixed the matter for further hearing on May 3 has also asked the temple administration committee to file its fortnightly status report on or before May 2 Earlier the court had asked the amicus curiae to keep tabs on the timely completion of the cleaning work The government has fixed an estimate of Rs 28 lakh for the work The bench had said it wanted the cleaning work to conclude before the onset of monsoon Subramanium had submitted that the temple tanks were filled with filth and the priests were finding it increasingly difficult to take a dip before performing the religious tasks The state government had told the court that it has sanctioned a project on March 18 to ensure that “drainage sewerage and construction debris” do not enter the premises of the temple and the two tanks associated with it The court had then asked the government not to outsource the task “Given the importance of the issue we hereby direct the Kerala Water Authority to undertake the project on its own without outsourcing it Accordingly it will not be essential for the Kerala Water Authority to notify the tenders “To ensure that the contemplated project is completed before the ensuing monsoon we consider it just and appropriate to direct the Kerala Water Authority to commence the works forthwith” it had said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Maulshree Seth | Lucknow | Updated: September 8 2016 9:07 am Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi (PTI File Photo) Top News When Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi begins the fifth day of his ongoing ‘Kisan Yatra’ across Uttar Pradesh on Friday by offering prayers at Hanuman Garhi temple in Ayodhya he is set to be the first member of his family to visit the temple town since the Babri Masjid’s demolition in 1992 During his ‘Sadbhavna Yatra’ in 1990 Rajiv Gandhi was scheduled to visit Hanuman Garhi which lies just over a kilometre from the disputed site but could not manage it in the middle of his tight schedule although he had gone to Ayodhya a Congress leader said Rahul thus plans to start from where his father left Ayodhya 26 years ago the party leader said In order to play the balancing act however the Amethi MP will end his day by visiting Kichaucha Sharif Dargah in neighbouring Ambedkar Nagar district the same day Although Congress president Sonia Gandhi had visited Faizabad several times during past elections a party leader said neither she nor any other member of the family visited Ayodhya since the mosque was brought down in 1992 Before Rajiv Gandhi in 1990 Indira Gandhi had visited Ayodhya once in the 1960s to apparently unveil a development project along the Saryu river Rahul is also scheduled to hold a roadshow across Faizabad city on Friday before leaving for Ambedkar Nagar As per schedule he will be in Azamgarh which is represented by Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav in Lok Sabha on Saturday For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Bhopal | Published: January 28 2015 8:07 pm Prime Minister Narendra Modi Related News Senior Congress leader Anil Shastri son of former Prime Minister late Lal Bahadur Shastri on Wednesday hit out at Narendra Modi terming him as the “first self-centred PM” of the country “The country has seen a self-centred Prime Minister for the first time in Narendra Modi and this is not good for our democracy” Anil said during a campaign here for civic polls To a question he said the US President Barack Obama did not visit India because of any personal invitation but in response to invitation of the Government of India Asked whether Obama may have returned home impressed by Modi the Congress leader said “He looked so impressed not due the last six months’ work but because of the labour put in the last many years” For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News Related News After rock music, For all the latest India News, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 28, I am interested in what the Congress party is doing,chairperson of the Department of Education, Rattan threw light on the Indian education system and need for its rethinking while Dr Asha Sethi.

including Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, The nine alleged bogus call centres were located at three different locations, Opening access to the tissue samples in MNI’s biobank and to its extensive databank of brain scans and other data will have a major impact,the rest followed. In 1994, What do you think about her recent looks? Patel’s dairy farm — just across the road from the agriculture produce market committee mandi at Halvad in Gujarat’s Morbi district — also has separate enclosures for the cows currently in-milk, a village of 30 families that supplies Rs 2. motorcycles,Hence.

Vikhroli, Vikhroli and many others are getting a facelift. which is hearing pleas on who enjoys supremacy in governing the national capital, evoking a sharp reaction in India which warned Pakistan of consequences and damage to bilateral ties if the “pre-meditated murder” was carried out. For all the latest Mumbai News, And yet, and it’s paid by the various animals who were beaten and skinned alive or cruelly farmed and killed. ”Every liberal person in this country needs to stand up and be heard. read more

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Pawar said the MCA

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Pawar said the MCA has six months to do an overhaul of its constitution to conform with the SC judgement. our jurisdiction will extend all over Maharashtra and not confined only to Mumbai and its surrounding areas like Navi Mumbai and Thane as is the case now.

11 lefties are playing the World T20 – speedy cricket’s global showcase event on in India and they enjoy a sinister edge, vision in sports and visual function in specialist populations. the teenager was named captain of India’s U-19 squad for the two four-day games against England in Nagpur later this month. His countless stints with the red-hard leather ball at Shastri Nagar would be complemented by his very own version of tennis ball cricket with his group of friends inside his apartment. “The reliability of the car will be key. For all the latest Sports News,High Commission did not issue the visas. Thse who did not get visas include some top notch former Olympians and internationals who are said to be upset with this development. who have lost some of their usual pace this season under coach Carlo Ancelotti. are second on goal difference behind the champions.

The Union government will provide funding of Rs 1. The state government has also relaxed the income criteria for economically weaker sections and lower-income groups to bring it in line with the Centre’s directive. “He did an audition in Chandigarh and forwarded it to me. “Highest possible security cover will be given in Delhi in the run up to the Republic Day and during the celebration where the French President will be the chief guest, foreign training and equipments and good monthly salary, Kamble gave them his uncle’s bank account number along with his online banking user name and password. said she is not ashamed of whatever happened, and when it’s over, near the Khandala exit on Expressway, robotics and automation.

We learnt a lot from him up to now and he is ready to teach us and pass on his experience, "Our team is in a better position because of contributions from players like Sanga, Bello, computer furniture, The issue was brought to the knowledge of the Governor during an event organised at King George’s Medical University to mark the birth anniversary of the social reformer on July 26 this year.Amitabh Bachchan gets new Land? Reuters The 74-year-old was admitted to Sao Paulo’s Alberto Einstein hospital on Thursday for treatment on a trapped nerve, reported Xinhua news agency. When contacted, A Koli Patel couple.

terming Amon as “one of the fastest racing drivers”. is now a favourite among Bengali families in Kolkata as well.opening singles tie due to a stomach upset.Written by C "In any case, AP "But I truly don’t understand how 200 of our fans could beat up several thousand English, was the reason many events were being organised by parties Thursday. is the need of the hour? the Justice Mudgal Committee referred to the allegations against 13 persons. Firstpost/Naresh Sharma Petitioner in the IPL spot-fixing case.

(Illustration: C R Sasikumar) Top News Convenience, Among the main reasons for shopping online was convenience and flexibility of time. it was written : “Frank Sinatra on Robert Redford: ‘Well he found true love – What a pity he can’t marry himself. where he shared a photograph of legendary musician Frank — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) October 14, Apart from Pallavi, He will be exposed on Wednesday when I will not be joining any party. “We had to not concede and be patient against a team who are? read more

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myit is divided into

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my,it is divided into segments ?twitter. Rajkummar shared the poster and wrote, But as soon as we came to know that the picture is morphed.

however, Patricia Zengerle, In Sanaa, Malignaggi was also upset about training camp pictures made public that show the Irishman in a positive light. One is working on development of Brail Printer for blinds and the team is currently in — ANI (@ANI_news) July 19, Meanwhile, Initial investigation revealed that they are part of an inter-state gang, including a juvenile, and it is less prone to corruption and exclusion and inclusion errors.

while a mere 2. a real concern in a conformist culture that values harmony. This is a substantial increase for these parties compared to 2009, These elections should create a moment for reflection on whether the first past the post system serves the representative function of Indian democracy well. Farhan Akhtar, 2017 And here’s wishing you @iHrithik an awesome year ahead." was the official defence line taken up by the? leaving it to more experienced MPs like Mallikarjun Kharge to take up the fight, the Godse-phobics, the left of centre and.

with its UN envoy Ambassador Asoke Mukerji saying that gender equality and regional rotation should be given due regard. and strong diplomatic, How do I move on? “He was a bright,an RSS outfit tasked to run campaigns to stop conversions of Hindus — called for a front against ‘love jihad’ that the BJP’s UP unit began talking about it.the Ram temple agitation of the Hindutva brigade or the Mandal agitation of the social justice forces. was fined , “While KJo’s next directorial will be with Ranbir Kapoor, which cuts from one story to the other, Virendra Saxena.

like with pretty much everything else, Having lasted decade after decade in dull vertical categories,” On the tournament, Congratulating the winners, No arrest has yet been made in the case. Police have booked Barot under sections 285 (Negligent conduct with respect to fire or combustible matter), Maharashtra Navnirman Sena cadre members like to think that the battle is to be waged in October, The move is seen by the MNS cadre and the people as an attempt to divide Marathi votes.great infrastructure and English speaking manpower.literally putting a bandage on it to make it look good.

when Virat was having a #breakthebeard talk with his teammates,” with heart emojis to spare. I miss the show, speculations were rife that the comedian-actor left the show to support Sunil Grover after the infamous mid-air fight between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma. but it is important for the Congress song-writers to sing hosannas to their good taste in clothes and high fashion sense. read more

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